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Local Content Development

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T&GIL is a 100% owned Nigerian company. T&GIL continually recruits and offers opportunities to qualified Nigerians and indigenes in the host communities where we have our projects. Procurement process in T&GIL gives preferences to Nigerian sub-contractors with requisite know-how and competencies.

To ensure quality of product and service, in- house quality assurance and quality control is charged with the responsibility of appropriate job scope training and orientation for quality compliance by sub contractors.

All work procedures in T&GIL’s and client’s site are performed in strict compliance and adherence to the provisions of Nigerian Content initiatives as enshrined in the NODGIC Act.

T&GIL also supports training and development of youths from the host communities and Nigerian graduates during the execution of her projects in compliance with Nigerian Content Human Capacity Development with strides for technological advancements.

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